Thursday, June 28, 2012

Party sites that I love!

I LOVE planning parties. My kids parties, parties for others, holidays, baby showers, anything! I love parties with any kind of theme. Starting with the invitations and going all the way to the party favors. There are several sites I go to for party inspiration: Let me help you plan a amazing party!

In my etsy shop I sell lots of different themes and I even sell a collection for each theme. So you can buy the whole collection of things for cheaper than buying each individual thing. Having each of these things at your party will impress your guests. I go here for all of my tableware things. Plates, napkins, cups. I also like there cupcake papers, and decorations. Take a look around. Great party blog and lots of good ideas!  Another great party blog with great ideas Great cake blog with lots of different cake ideas. Even if you can't make cakes like these, you can give these ideas to your baker.  This is a blog of a great party designer with lots of good ideas. And her new book about styling a party is amazing!

Pinterest is great for finding ideas for parties!

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