Friday, June 15, 2012

And the winner is.......

Thank you to everyone that entered. I love you all. I've always been a creative person and I love making things. When my first daughter was born I started making cute hairbows and things for her. For her first birthday it was all pink and frilly and over the top. I began making cakes for their birthdays and loved everything about planning parties. This past year I started planning my second daughters 3rd birthday.I hated everything in the party store and didn't want the same cheap thing that was at every other party. So I started designing a ice cream theme for her party. And from that I decided I wanted to design more. I wanted everyone to be able to have cute custom things for their parties.  I can't believe my baby  is 3. It seems like I just had her. I still remember that hot day in the end of may. Every bed in Labor and Delivery was full. I remember the doctor holding her up over the drape in the OR. She was 8lb. 15 oz. and every bit of it was in her cheeks. I love big chunky babies.  Do you hate me yet... Don't you want to know who won.

And the winner is..........#1!!!

Congratulations Leah!!! You win a full party collection!!

I'll email you to give you more information. To everyone else that entered: Contact me any way you want: here, my facebook page, email, whatever. And I will give you a coupon code for 5$ off your order for anything you want to order from my shop. Thank you to everyone that entered. 

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