Friday, July 27, 2012

My Daughters 6th Birthday Party!

My daughter just turned 6. I was so excited when she told me she wanted a barbie party! I loved barbie when I was her age! We were having a pool party, so I knew it had to be a barbie beach party! We had pool themed food and of course a barbie cake. Everything was designed in pink and blue. She loves barbie and she loved her party!


  1. Just beautiful...i feel so unworthy...but honestly it is AMAZING!

    Visiting from the hop,
    One Chic Mom

  2. The Barbie cake is very cute! Did you bake it yourself? I think most little girls dream of having a Barbie themed party, and your daughter Lauren lived that dream on her special day because of you. ^_^ What seems to me like cupcakes in the bucket are uniquely incredible. Did you decorate the pool area as well?

    Nita Digirolamo

  3. Thank you! I loved barbie when I was little and had so much fun with this party. Yes, I made her cake! She helped me too! I made cupcakes in push pop containers for favors. That way they would have some cake to take home with them. It rained all day at her pool party :( So we didn't even get to swim. But still had a great time.